Last year I got a sturdy little sketchbook and pencil with the idea of making drawings of sights seen out on hikes.

I was inspired by my friend JW, who always takes a sketchbook with him and stealthily did some excellent sketches of our group resting at a lookout and some alpine flowers on a hike a few years back. His hand and manner is confident, accurate, and insightful, a strong observer, to be emulated.

I hope you enjoy these proudly amateur sketches. We shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, when we can enjoy, learn, look, and draw, and just absorb the moment.

First attempt. View looking West from Porcupine Hills, wandered out that way from Nanton
Powderface Ridge. Trying a closer look at gnarly evergreens on the ridge
From a beautiful day of fishing on the Highwood, height of summer
Trying to get more days on my fishing license, warm day in February so gave it a shot, got skunked
Wetlands view May 2020, near Windermere Wells with my love
Porcupine Hills with my love
Waiporous Creek with my Love
Porcupine Hills with My Love

This set of drawings is from a charcoal practice sketchbook I work in. I wanted to get better for when I am out hiking so got some books from the library and try the lessons and techniques they describe. I alternate days of lessons ie in perspective or drawing trees or shading, and drawing a bird from a bird identification book. I am starting with birds I have an attachment to. The Loon was my first one, for reasons that are obvious if you are also a Loon. The chickadee was my next as it is a sign that you are in some semblance of wilderness. 2021.